MIND YOU is an open project, it is written by me, but produced and created by a collective, filmmakers, artists and creators worldwide are invited to work together enhancing each others skills and power.

This fictive movie is based on reality. That is, that it is possible to hack brains, to alter your mind. Already in the fifties the CIA used a program to find a way to read minds, the Russians did it too. Today, you can find many articles about reading the mind, braking in under the scull. Elon Musk is searching for software to enhance memory, Bryan Johnson is investing in brain to computer design.

That is what brought me into scribing the script. Its strange, scary, thrill-seeking, energetic, it is a fight between minds. You feel something is happening, there is a threat, unknown energy, your world is changing, everything go's wrong. But what! How to prevail, be yourself, reclaim your freedom? In the end, truth will prevail. But freedom comes not easy.

It is my scenario, but I believe in collaboration, in fundraising, in creative minds, in do-it-yourself. The end result will be better than ever. Nonconventional. So you can join! We make this project real, your adhesion makes directly part of the project. There is a way to combine.

MIND YOU has different stages, we are at stage one.
1.Introducing the project, the synopsis, be open for participants. My kickoff is the MIND YOU synopsis and treatment. Here the story starts.

Filmmaking is a step by step process, mind you, there is work to do.Who can participate? We need people to start the project: Production, Funding. If you want to participate in the project, please call. You can collaborate with other creative minds. We kickstart, we Indiegogo.

I made other docs, wrote drama, interactives, animations and scripts. But doing it the old way, takes a long classical path, and I want to be independent as possible and work in a collaborative world. This website will gradually grow with the project, with tools to communicate, upload and work together.


Mind-You is a product from Raymond Toussaint, I would love to hear from you!

Send me mail: me@mind-you.eu Or use the button below.